Saturday, May 23, 2009


We went to the Brooklyn Food Conference a few weeks ago after returning from Oakland where everyone had a beautiful garden, so we were inspired and started learning all we could about putting in an urban garden. We'll see how it goes. I ordered seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library which does mostly heirloom seeds and then went to a couple of organic gardening classes that were free in the East Village at this community garden.

The seedlings in the window sill are: brussel sprouts, rainbow chard, two kinds of tomatoes, two kinds of lettuce, dill, basil, chives and parsley, then we have small starter plants of basil, lavender, oregano, thyme and rosemary. I'm going to plant carrots, kale and zucchini too! We're going to sow those straight into the boxes and planters when we get those ready. Today Ralphie finished assembling the boxes and we mixed manure, soil, sand and perlite. We're going to let it sit for a few days so the manure can age before we put the plants in it.

I'm so excited to get everything into the dirt and watch it grow! I've been watching my seedlings sprout with bated breath and am such a proud little mama already.

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